Me in the Raw

Last week I was given some devastating news - my grandmother was seriously ill. She had been in the hospital and her condition was worsenening. Panic hit me, and I just knew I had to be there - yesterday. The whole mentality that I may never see/speak to her again hit me hard and scared me. I planned a flight the following day to leave March 18th. I was a wreck, and couldn't process anything. All I knew is I was wasting time being here and not there. 

Everything raced through my mind on the questions I wished I could ask, all the things I'm still so curious about - and I worried, worried I would miss out. I started writing, furiously a list of things I wish I could ask if given the chance. And then came the "chance". Her condition is now stable, with her usual concerns. I realized though I couldn't pass up the opportunity to possibly see her for the last time - not necessiarly that her condition will worsen - but more so the last time I could go to Portugal was 5 years ago. I'm leaving next week and I'm ready to be present in the moment with my family and ask all the questions -- and make sure there is absolutely no regrets. And the best way to prepare is to be present and in the moment. If you'd like to email me just be patient with responses. I'm excited to share my journey with you all.

I'm really excited to photograph Stephanie & Arien's Wedding this Saturday, March 12 -- The best possible way to leave. I've been looking forward to their wedding - these two are a fun couple and really comfortable with each other. If you missed their engagement photos here's a re-post: