Day No. 2 of the Valentine's Day Giveaway - Tiffany & Co. + Photo-session

Today is going to be a "good news" blog. So much to share, but I was saving it up. I was figuring that if I just collectively waited to share the most exciting news, then maybe more news would pile up... Okay, so I wish I had that mentality but it was more along these lines. I've never really submitted any works to be published and I think it's because I was afraid. Afraid that someone in some great office, who manages a publication would tell me - "you are not good enough". And that would be it, the moment I realize I need to find a different career -- and curl up into a ball (I know, a little dramatic). What? Rejection hurts, it's hard not to take it personally. 

Good News #1 -- But last week - I took the plunge and I submitted a few weddings to various publications. Some magazines and a few online publications. I didn't put much weight on it, and just went with the mentality that we shall see what happens. I haven't heard back yet from most of the publications - some are still under review.... BUT I did hear back from two lovely blogs! Borrowed & Bleu and Pretty Little Weddings! I'll be sure to repost when the photos go up on their blogs! Anyway, when I found out -- it was an instant call to Alicia & James (their wedding was chosen) and we both were so super excited... I called Sunday to tell her that Borrowed & Bleu were interested, and then the next day found out about Pretty Little Weddings! 

Good News #2 -- I have "booked" my 2nd destination wedding for this year! In May I'll be going to Cuba for Mikyla and Dustin's Wedding. And now, I'll be going to Mexico for Ric & Nicky's Wedding!!!! That's right, my brother FINALLY asked his girlfriend Nicky (of a million years) to be his wife, and they're doing it in July and I'll be photographing!

Good News #3 -- I started on a healthy train in late November/December 2010. It was more like December when I really kicked myself into gear. I've somewhat kept it on the down-low because I wanted to just be POW - look at me I'm fit now! But I realized so much more along this journey thus far. I've slowly been changing my eating habits to include healthy foods aka kicking the mac n'cheese from the box and including more veggies. I made a "Life-style" change and not only do I feel so much better, a lot of my digestive issues have died down. I have more energy, I feel amazing after a workout and I've tried so many new things! 

I've gotten a pass at the local Langley Town-ship Rec-Centre, and go to the gym 5x a week or I mix it up with fitness classes. I signed up for a Burlesque dance class, and it's SO MUCH FUN! The instructor was teaching us choreography from the actual Burlesque Movie.  And I tried Cardio-Striptease... it sounds super riskay, but it was a CRAZY workout. A friend of mine - Angela, and I went and it just shreded our muscles (me more so, then her). It was a mix of cardio, stretching and core strengthening. The classes are at Tantra Fitness - totally check them out if your looking at trying something new and a little outside your comfort zone. And ladies - it will make you feel sultry! Never hurts to boost the self-confidence!

So here is the real part of the good news, I've hit the 15lbs down from my start weight! The goal was to lower my BMI, and slowly but surely I'm going to be hitting that goal. I want to be as healthy as possible, so I do not let life pass me by. 

Alright, no more rambling! Thanks for all the amazing comments yesterday ladies!!! I'm so excited for this draw, it's such a treat that people follow my work -- so I just wanted to give a little something back! 

So, keep the comments coming - so I can enter your names again in the draw!

Incase you missed it, Alicia and James were married on Jame's parent's property in Whiterock, BC. -- Their Wedding was a beautiful DIY inspired wedding, with lots of great details that Alicia and James worked so hard on! Their ceremony was held in a clearing in the woods on the property.

This was the first photo I took as I got off the plane in the Dominican for Mahla and Chris' Destination Wedding last May. They had their Wedding at the Melia Caribe in Punta Cana.

I actually grabbed Mahla and Chris' drinks when we were hanging out on the beach, and took this photo. I love the colours.