Langley Engagement Photography: Ellie & Spencer

While Ellie & Spencer were living out East last year we had a spectacular Skype meeting getting to know each other. I heard about how the two of them had met when Spencer was giving University tours and Ellie met him through her bio lab partner. Spencer asked Ellie for Sushi and since went on many a date to perfect the art of eating with chop sticks. He stole her heart with sushi and a game of bocce. The next adventure these two would conquer would be moving out East so Spencer could finish his masters.

The two chose to do their engagement session in Langley at Campbell Valley Park - the actual location of the proposal. Spencer had an elaborate set up with his mother's antique trunk set up with a photo album, an ipod to play music and the Bible. Spencer read their favourite verse and made Ellie listen to music as she went through the photo album. Ellie played the last track she heard a recording from Spencer telling her all the things he loved about her. She turned around after the track finished and Spencer was down on one knee. 

What a fun engagement session not only was bocce involved but we had fun just getting to know each other even more before their wedding this summer. I feel so blessed that couples like Ellie & Spencer have come into my life and I've had the privilege of being apart of theirs. Thank you.