Elisa & Jeremy - Whonnock Lake, BC Wedding

Whonnock Lake is one of the lower mainland's best kept secrets and it made the perfect spot for Elisa and Jeremy's Wedding. With all their friends and family they had a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Whonnock Lake Centre. I love photographing in new locations, and learning about new spots in the lower mainland since I'm originally from Victoria... okay, 6 years ago - but still the lower mainland is HUGE. Whonnock is beautiful! I was so thrilled when I went and checked it out for the wedding.

You can tell the closeness between Elisa and Jeremy. Small hints between the two of them that they may have been together for years, but they are still passionate about one another. The way they would make attempts to be touching throughout the day. Jeremy resting his arms around Elisa during the reception, or Elisa nuzzling up close to Jeremy. Elisa has a heart of gold and it shows in her character and how she treats everyone around her. The cool and collected Jeremy shows his soft spot for his now wife Elisa. His humour and jokes made it easy to have a blast during the photos.

With gorgeous sunshine the wedding was beautiful. I'm forever grateful for the very organized italian family of Elisa. Her uncles help organize the family photos with ease, and Elisa's mother was always on top of the details making sure everything that needed to happen did.

Elisa and Jeremy were truly wonderful to photograph. Elisa is one of the sweetest girls I've met, along with her bridesmaids... holla at her maid of honour 'Ashley' - name kudos and the 'Sarahs'. These girls were so much fun, and let's not forget about the boys - 'that's what she said'..... Their wedding was awesome, I truly had such a great time, and I'm so excited to share these images with you all.