Glow Christmas Shoot Teasers - Christmas in Vancouver at Milner Gardens - Langley, Vancouver, BC

If you haven't heard about Glow Christmas at Milner Garden Village, I'm excited to tell you about it. "Glow" is Vancouver's largest light display that is happening this year and it's flipping amazing. It's indoors, yes - no raincouver causing problems (for once). And there's thousands and thousands of lights. Lucky me, I had a chance to photograph inside Glow with an amazing couple! Here's some sneak peaks of our session together.


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Paris -- A Wedding Photographer's Love Story with the City of Lights & Love

 I’ve always wanted to have a photo-shoot in Paris. I had dreamt up different ideas for while we were there but Paris turned out to be where we would continue to celebrate our anniversary. It felt like a second honeymoon. Before even booking our trip and Paris, I had always wanted to have a shoot with a client or model in a ball gown with the tower of corse, cheesey I know. But it’s the Eiffel tower and I am such a hopeless romantic. 

Something so whimsical about wearing a ball gown in one of the most romantic cities. Also pretty dang amazing to have my husband be game for all of my crazy ideas. We watched the sunrise over the Seine River. We sat on top of the bridge ‘Pont de Bir-Hakeim’ - the sun was behind the tower and the water of the Seine didn’t have a single ripple, it was quiet and still. It’s one of my most favourite memories of our time in Paris. 

We walked back to our hotel that morning and sat at a cafe near the tower and I enjoyed my favourite - croque madame in my dress, with my husband. It felt super surreal and silly, and I loved it. Later that night we took our macarons from Pierre & Laudree, a bottle of Moet, and a blanket to the gardens of the Eiffel Tower and watched the lights come on. We had Edith Piaf playing watching the sunset. It was perfect, I was so present and in that moment. Paris will always have a special place in my heart.

When we first got to Paris, I was in love immediately. But then everything I kept planning, kept falling through. It wasn’t turning out, there were challenges and well travel exhaustion. I was so nervous about Paris. Was it built up? Was it going to be as romantic or magical as I dreamt up? Was Paris over glamourized? Paris taught me to truly just let go. We would 'flâner' and Paris would bring its magic to us. I learned to be present not perfect and that is where the magic was. And every time I felt I just went with it, everything kept becoming so very serendipitous. Paris you certainly will always have my heart. 

Edith Piaf - La Vie En Rose, played on repeat while we walked to the tower, Thank you Verlon Mundall for indulging me when I'm an uber cheese ball. Thank you for spoiling me, I feel so damn lucky. I'm sorry if I don't tell you enough, love. 



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6 weeks in Europe! Destination Wedding Photographer - Europe from Vancouver

I love destination weddings! There's something about adapting to completely new surroundings and creating art that refreshes my creative brain and has me looking for something new and beautiful in our surroundings. This summer we were thrilled to photograph a wedding in Portugal, a shoot in Paris, and gallivant over to Germany & the UK. It's been 6 weeks during our busiest time of year that we took off and went on this amazing adventure and we're finally home. Our wedding clients back in Canada been exceptionally amazing, we shot weddings before we left to Europe and now returning back home we will finish up our season in Vancouver. I am so grateful for our patient clients - the many emails, Skype and FaceTime calls with clients and new clients while in Europe with spotty internet and time zone planning has come to an end! I never thought I'd be so thrilled for reliable internet!

Europe was amazing and I feel so lucky that I got to experience it with my best friend and husband - Verlon. Traveling and photographing with the man I deeply love and care about is something I am immensely grateful for.

While we adjust to getting back into the swing of things in the office, I wanted to share some these wedding teasers with you all from Portugal! So excited to share these images. They were taken in Sao Miguel, Azores - Portugal with P&P.

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Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club - Vancouver Wedding & Event Photographers

Jolie & Jason's
Baby Shower

Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club

I was very blessed to meet Jolie from my dear friend Jasalyn Thorne when I was getting married. Jolie is an incredible fashion designer and gown maker. Not only does she have a heart of gold she has an incredible talent for creating beautiful swoon worthy gowns and I was privileged to wear one of her gowns for my very own engagement session a few years ago. I still dream over that dress and how incredible I felt in it... *swoon* Her dress that she made for this event was incredible! Lace and beading, the detail of the placement of the beads and floral elements was unlike anything I've ever seen for maternity wear. She is so exceptionally talented. I told her I could photograph the two of them for hours - not only are they are a stunning couple, and incredibly kind - they photograph like models! 

They had done a maternity session prior to the event with Gina & Chris from Butter Studios, at The Permanent which are incredible! Jolie wore such incredible gowns that she had made. I'll post a link when I see they have them online, for now go check out their instagram. Chris, manned the awesome "hot air" ballooned photo-booth at the event, and I snuck a couple photos of it - c'mon it's a mock hot air balloon photo-booth, I've never seen it before!

The night before Jolie came home to a special surprise from Jason - a proposal! These parent's to be got to celebrate not only their baby to be but also their engagement!

So, now you know Jolie is an exceptional talent and creative - so it makes sense how their baby shower was incredibly gorgeous with so many swoon worthy details and floral. Lucky for Jolie, her mother (the beautiful lady in the white cape/blue floral dress - which I was loving the entire day) was also a florist. Creativity runs in the family. With little elements like a Swan on stationary, heaps of floral filling the room and the scent of hydrangeas throughout with sunshine peaking into the glass windows in the Cypress Room at Shaughnessy it was an event that had all the guests gliding through the venue feeling extra special to honour Jolie & Jason.



Bal  Andaaz - Decor
Natasha - venue: Shaughnessy Golf Course & Country Club
Brigitte Fong - Pastry Designer & Cake
Balloon Studio - Hot Air Balloon