Austrailia to Aldergrove - Shannon & Clint's Engagement Session, Crescent Beach BC

Shannon had seen me photographing at Jill & Dan's Wedding earlier this summer and contacted me via email. With a shiny ring on her finger and a new title of fiancé she was getting use to using -- we set up a consultation for Shannon & Clint's 2012 Wedding.

Now, I get to hear about plenty of love stories which makes my job incredibly exciting (side note: I should totally write a book about it, and I almost wrote "toats" -- I think webster's dictionary just shuddered). Clint is originally from Australia, and yes ladies he does have that dreamy accent when you think Australian men. I'm pretty sure it's what captivated Shannon! Now, Clint was taken back by this tall blonde beauty, fun-loving girl. Instantly when she was in front of my camera she was flirting with not only Clint but my camera too!

Their Engagement Session was at Crescent Beach and just thinking about how chilly it was makes me shiver. Shannon & Clint were such troopers! During their session like most, I could tell and see genuine love. I have a rule on sessions -- and any of my couples will tell you -- that you absolutely must touch each other for the whole engagement session. It doesn't matter how, you must touch for the whole session.  Why? Because simply physical touch like a hug, or holding hands releases oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin and less stress hormones! Hello being more comfortable in front of a camera! Shannon & Clint excelled at this, the way Clint could just get Shannon to glow with a giant smile and make her cheeks flush was so adorable.

I'm so very excited to be apart of their big day next year. Here are some of my favourite's from their Engagement Session.