Victoria Family Photographer // 11 months

This is my favourite time of year to do family photo sessions - it's something about sunshine on a fall day that just feels special. Could be that it's a last little reminder of summer ends. This family session also was a reminder for me; why photography isn't my job, it's my passion - because when this little girl grows up, she will have something I never had. A photograph with her grandmother...

We spend our money so carelessly on so many different things. Cell phones that will be out of date within the year, collections of computers, pricey lattes, clothing that dates, and so much more - yet we find hiring a professional photographer "expensive" when the product is timeless.

My parent's were guilty of this, we had one session as a kid in a studio - at least we did that (thank goodness it wasn't Walmart but a 'real' photographer). If there was ever a fire in my home and I had to grab one thing (besides Verlon & Boo) it would be that photo of my family when I was a child.

Some people aren't "picture people" which is fine by me, I'm not into the art of indie punk rock, so fair enough. If you've ever thought about hiring a legitimate professional photographer but were ever unsure I will just tell you this and I'm sure other photographers can relate; there's never regrets when our clients have looked back at all the special memories we've captured.

And a double exposure to end with: