Danielle & Derek Engaged: Vancouver Stanley Park and Langley Engagement Wedding Photographer

The weather forecast told us we were destined for a winter's sunny day in Vancouver, a whole weeks worth. And with excitement we started our trek into Vancouver to Stanley Park. The more we drove the less visisbility there was. All in all we were thankful for no rain in January here in Vancouver. The fog brings a romantic dreamy like quality images as it envelopes around the couple.

We started to the drive back to Langley as Danielle & Derek were fully hoping for a little bit of variety in weather and we knew there was sun in Langley (where we live). Which led us to sunshine in Fort Langley with Danielle & Derek since we needed to drive back to the valley anyway. I'm so in love with this session for the level of variety on one day and in January! How amazing is BC.

Danielle and Derek were very much interested in photography and images and lots of great ideas for their session. I love when a couple brings their ideas to the table and can still let me express myself creatively and we make some magic - WHA-BAM!