Batman, Robin & Cupcakes - Langley, BC

When I was a kid I never understood why my parents didn't think Halloween was a big deal. There is all this free candy when I just ask for it, oh and the fact I can dress up and be anyone. It was the ultimate in creativity for a kid. But my parent's never really thought it was anything special. My parent's came here from Portugal in the 70's (whilst wearing platforms) and Halloween wasn't a thing. Instead of Halloween there's 'Carnival' in February before lent. Everyone dresses up in bright costumes, colours, everyone drinks and eats very similar to 'Mardi Gras'. One of my favourite things about Carnival is my mother making 'Milasadas' in the kitchen when I would get home from school. Milasadas are a Portuguese donut covered in sugar and so yum. Unfortunately I will have to wait for Milasadas so instead I picked up cupcakes (heck yes, chocolate). So whether your enjoying the 'treats' or going to celebrating in costume for 'Carnival' have a safe night tonight.

Here are some photos of Lisa & Quentin's boys Chase and Jude dressed up in costume - Batman & Robin ready to go out tonight for treats. I photographed their family this past summer. You can view their session here.