Vancouver Wedding Photography - Jolene & Ben

I met Jolene & Ben at Danae & Clif's wedding back in October and when they asked me to be their photographer I was simply thrilled! She had mentioned she would really like to go out on a canoe with Ben for their engagement photos when we had their consultation and I knew this was good be fun! In the recent weeks with it being spring time, I've seen other photographs do canoe shoots, and I got nervous - would I be able to produce awesome photos for Ben & Jolene...

I picked up Jolene and then we headed for the Sumas border where Ben was waiting on the other side and we headed off to the Lake with the canoe. It had been pouring rain and I was so nervous the day wouldn't change. But, as soon as we got to Cedar Springs, blue skies and SUN! It was such gorgeous light! I'm in love with this little private lake. After photographing at Cedar Springs, we headed towards Birch Bay and photographed at sunset. It was so beautiful and to see White Rock across the water was gorgeous.

Ben & Jolene are incredibly passionate. I've always thought that 'passion' is a key ingredient in relationships that last and I was so overwhelmed seeing them together at their session. They were like watching a movie romance. He knew how to touch her to make her blush and bite her lip to cuddle up closer. When we were driving, I followed them in my car - seeing Jolene sit in the middle seat of the truck - so they can sit closer together. It was exciting to be on the outside seeing them interact with each other. I loved it. When I told them that they were a rarity, they both thought I was buttering them up - but honestly these two are incredible. Thank you and I'm so excited for your wedding in June!