Wedding Photography Session || Sao Miguel, Acores, Portugal

It was a little after 7pm when we started the formal photography of Pilar & Pedro in Vila Franca, Sao Miguel, Azores (Acores, to us Portuguese folk - did I just make myself sound old?). The sky was golden and painted like a heaven with glowing golds, blues, oranges and pinks. I felt like I was viewing one of Michaelangelo's paintings but it surrounded me. 

I feel so blessed to witness 'True Love' - moments that a couple has in front of my camera where you feel like your taking part in a movie, a movie of their lives. I'm not intentionally trying to sound like a saap, it's truly how I feel. That moment when I'm behind the camera and the couple is totally and completely in their own space - that they almost forget I'm there.

Here are some images from my first Wedding Photography shoot in Sao Miguel, Azores.