Canucks in Portugal

This is the last week and a bit here in Portugal -- I started this trip if you read my blog post with the goal of learning more about my family, and here we go - I'm going to share some of my finds! These photos are so cool for me, for multiple reasons -- one they're vintage and original, and C'mon their photos - I'm a photographer but more so it's my family! This image is incredible precious to me, and i'm saddened that its slightly ruined. My grandfather and grandmother's faces are the only faces that are not ruined. I wish I knew of a way to fix this image. 

It's crazy to think when I leave here it's going to be life as usual (although I've stilled work while being here). I think the oddest part is going back to my home where it will be quiet again. Everyday I've been here I've had loads of family surrounding me! All my aunts and uncles and cousins visiting every night in my grandmother's home, sitting in the family room conversing into the late hours of the night, and talking about old stories. I can't wait to get back and write everything I've learned down. I still feel like I haven't had enough time here, or done enough with family. But it makes me hopeful only to justify another trip, sooner than how long it took me to get here. It had been at least 6 years ago since I was last here. I'm already planning a future trip next year or the next. I want to always maintain roots with my family and where they come from. Anyway, I'll be back in Canada soon! And I'm bringing back goodies(cakes also known as Quesadas da Vila).

My mom is the little girl infront

On a side note thought i'd share my secretly love for Kesler of the Vancouver Canucks (even though he's American! jk!). I had to wear my jersey on a beach in Portugal. Me  and Kes on the beach. This beach is in Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel - Azores, Portugal. Just had to share my 'Nuck pride!

Round One NHL Playoffs! Here we go!