Breanne's Music Video, Vancouver Portrait Photographer

This past week I had the pleasure to be apart of Breanne Jansen's music video creation. Breanne has always dabbled in music and finally had the change to put together a production. Since attending Vancouver Film School Breanne has written numerous songs and this was her change to put it to video. 

The fabulous Donna from Funky Junk Interiors link here was the stylist on the shoot and did a fabulous job! I told Donna when I get married I have to have her involved! Meeting her in person was amazing and I was so stoked to be apart of this project. Donna shared story with us at dinner later that night and I instantly knew I wanted to do more work with her... here's to future projects! 

The set was in an empty field near Milner Gardens and we had some beautiful light in the afternoon... after the hale storm! That's right, it haled like crazy from 3-4pm. It drenched the set, but it didn't matter we were still rocking it and making it work. If anything it added to the look of the shoot... okay and mud.

Thanks to everyone who was involved! It was such a pleasure to work with you all!

vancouver portrait photography

 Donna working her magic...

Donna and I after a long day!

After a long days work, and fun times with passionate individuals -- I am reminded why I love my job. 

To view the video:

Special thanks to:

  • Donna - Funky Junk - set design

    Lydia Driegen - Fancyfeat - filming

    Inez Eigenraam - Hair/Makeup

    Milner Gardens - props

    Anton Thomas - Audio Recording

    Tamara Jasen - Green House Diaries... for an amazing dinner!