Furrey Creek Wedding - Sarah & Aaron's Wedding Preview - Squamish Wedding Photographer

They met a at a New Year's Party in 2006 and as Sarah said it best 'they were drawn to each other right away'. Six years later they tied the knot. We we had our meetings and we photographed their engagement session I knew from the start these two were a great fit with each other and with us as photographers.

With a surprise birthday dinner last year for Sarah, Aaron had organized all their friends and family together so that he could propose to her in front of everyone they cared about and cared about them. He then asked her the big question of if she would marry him.

Sarah and Aaron's beautiful Squamish Wedding was the perfect day. We had beautiful summer weather and an amazing location. With the ceremony outlooking the inlet, it was the perfect setting for Sarah & Aaron's big day. When Sarah first wrote to me she describe Furry Creek as 'a BC Cliche'. The ceremony was in the mountains with a water view.

Verlon and I felt like we were going on a mini vacation when we started our drive to Squamish on the morning of the wedding. We usually take this drive on a weekend for fun, we love driving. But today we were photographing a wedding together. I love this man, but sometimes I get so jealous when my favourite photos from the wedding day are his... I swear I'm not competitive.

Congratulations to Sarah & Aaron, and I hope you both are enjoying your honeymoon!

Verlon's view above

This next shot, I absolutely love and.... it's Verlon's angle

photos by Verlon (above) - I love the running one!!!