Edeline & Chris Engaged - Teasers, Richmond Wedding Photographer

Teasers from Edeline & Chris' Engagement photo session in Steveston, Richmond - BC. It all started out as a romantic picnic then a walk on the docks.

In August they will be tying the knot. But for now, Edeline and Chris have more airport goodbyes than anyone I've ever met. Edeline works in California but lucky for Chris she comes back on the weekends but with every Sunday night - they know they must part and start all over the next weekend.

We started to panic as we saw the weather report for this coming week... pouring rain. This wasn't going to work with Edeline and Chris' vision for the session. Having just photographed a wedding the same weekend - Edeline contacted me to see if we can bump up our session due to weather. I said Let's do it. And whoa, was it ever worth while!

Edeline had her make-up done, and they both brought two outfits and fun details for their picnic. I had the pleasure of munching on some of the sweets they brought along - heyo, Trader Joes - Cocoa Batons! Yum!!!! We had an amazing evening in a field in Steveston, then walked the docks. It was an amazing evening and I was so glad to have spent it with a fantastic couple.

And then it was Chris' turn....