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Valentine’s Day Bachelor Inspired Date - Instead of a date card for a potential wife, the date card is for your husband. Why does the romance and detail need to end after the wedding or only for the wedding? This Valentine’s Day inspired shoot is meant for the woman who craves romance - with the help of planning and decor by A Perfect Proposal team, this whimsical fun Valentine’s Day Romance came together to treat a lucky couple. 

The inspiration was a wife inviting her husband for a romantic night out. She would curate invitation just for her “Darling Husband” and create a romantic atmosphere for the night. Wearing a lace gown just for his eyes.Red Ghost Chairs add a touch of modern with gold elements on the table and stationary. Linen water colour stationary and gold foil ooze romance and a fun flare. 

Fort Langley Studio was the perfect place to host this romantic inspiration. The hanging floral cascading from the ceiling brings the feel of the room down and draws attention to the table setting. Each item was chosen and fit perfectly together to showcase the colour theme and floral and greens added to soften the look. The bride in white lingerie lace gown from A Perfect Proposal. This sexy lace gown is perfect for an intimate evening, honeymoon, or boudoir session. Romance doesn’t end once the wedding reception is over, romantic events and dates are all possible with some fantastic vendors and team members. 

The message I’d love for couples to know is hiring a planner to curate a beautiful date night can eliminate the stress that may come with planning romantic evening yourself and thinking of each detail without assistance. The beauty of a crafted event is being able to simply go and enjoy the evening and make memories.

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This Valentine's Inspiration Shoot paired nicely with our model Boudoir Shoot - Miss. Helena from Victoria!

Direction, Floral, Cake, Planning - Styling by A Perfect

Stationary by Dragonflight Design & Photography

DesignsPhotography by Dragonflight Photography - Ashley Ferreira