What a week! | Vancouver, Victoria and International Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting with my Kamloops couple Julie & Manny, and I'm so excited to photograph their wedding this coming August! Julie and I had an amazing phone-call conversation pre-meeting. I felt like she was part of my group of friends, or we should be going out for wine weekly for a girls night! I love when a Bride becomes a friend! When a couple books me to photograph their wedding, engagement photos are included with every and all packages regardless of time - why? So that I'm not a stranger on the day of their wedding - I couldn't imagine not knowing my couples prior to their wedding. I'm spending such intimate time with them on their biggest day! I want them to know me and feel comfortable in front of my camera! 

Whenever I meet with couples, I get so excited to hear about their wedding stories and how they met. This week was such a reminder about how blessed I am, and how honoured I feel to share in each and everyone of your special days! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

This week has been a crazy whirl-wind and not enough hours in the days! This weekend/week has been filled with meetings with new clients with weddings this summer, and one of the hardest things I have to do as a wedding photographer is turn away couples because I am unavailable for the date of their wedding. I have these amazing couples who will pour their heart out in emails or phone-calls, tell me about their love stories and I end up having to turn them away. Its so hard to tell a couple after they've told me they would like to book - to tell them I am unavailable. Luckily for me I know amazing photographers in the lower mainland & victoria that I tend to send couples too. This week I had to turn away 3 couples, which made me really sad. I remember coming home and calling my mom and saying "she was so beautiful and fun, and they fit so well together, I'm going to miss out!!!". The best advice I can give couples is plan in advance! 

Regarding the Valentine's Day contest - the blog comment contest is closed, and I'll be announcing the winner of the draw next Monday! Along with the winner of the free photo-session on Facebook - that contest closes next monday! 

Thank you all for sharing your photographs and stories, it's been so fun to read your comments! Not only that but I've had brides participating just because, and I love knowing more about each of you! I have a big grin on my face as I write this, because i'm thinking in my head "My brides kick butt!!!!!".

I have some photo-sessions that are going to get posted soon! Paisley's baby session and more! But for now I'll leave you with some "healthy train" motivation. I've been on a fitness kick working out at least 5x a week, and I went into the Nike Store this weekend and saw these awesome tee's. Thought i'd share them, because I got a good laugh out of them!