Ashley and Brock // Victoria, BC Engagement and Wedding Photographer

I love photographing on the island as it is was my hometown and I love even more meeting fun couples who are excited about photography and their engagement sessions. When coming up for an idea of where to photograph Ashley had some ideas but she let me have a little bit of input and I had wanted to photograph on Mt. Tolmie for so long and hadn't had the opportunity to do so. It was the perfect weather day which then led us to the beach where Brock proposed to her. And with a ring and and a 'yes' it then lead to this session and a soon to be happily ever after.

The best part of having an engagement session is spontaneity. It's part of the artistic process, finding the next shot and having ideas after I meet the couple. I personally feel that is the character of a good photographer is the ability to find the inspiration of a location, go with it and always finding the next shot. Now, when a swing appears on the beach your photographing, how can you not get the clients to go and sit on it. It's an obvious decision and led to my favourite photograph of the session and was very popular on our Facebook Page. 

Sometimes magic just happens but I think it has a lot to do with our amazing couples. I feel so lucky to meet such amazing people. I feel like the universe is always guiding similar couples to us, the ones that become friends, the ones that are so much more than just a client and we leave a shoot with such a warm feeling, knowing in my heart that I am where I am meant to be.

As most of our social media followers have noticed we're full swing into wedding season and a busy one it has been. In fact it is our busiest season to date. We have booked the most weddings EVER this year. I don't know if it's something in the water or google likes us very much (thanks Google) we have been so privilege to meet such awesome people this year and have so many weddings that we're excited about. Summer is my favourite season for so many reasons, the weather, the sun and I get to spend almost every weekend with fantastic couples at one of the biggest days of their lives along side the love of my life.