Dragonflight Photography: Day 4 of the Valentine's Day Giveaway - Tiffany & Co. + Photo-session

I feel so profoundly thankful for all of you sharing your stories with me! I loved hearing about the romantic moments, how you met, and just the little things that your partners do for you! And yes, Kristina I'm a sap! Today I'm going to be photographing Angela's amazing family in Langley and afterwards going to finish up designing/working on the NEW WEBSITE - so I can launch it this week!

I felt so touched that so many of you wrote in the comments section yesterday, real genuine answers, and details! I loved hearing about you and your guys - especially my Brides who have decided to comment too! It's awesome to learn even more about each of you! 

Today's comment question -- What makes you feel sexy or confident? What makes you feel really good about yourself?

I find a really nice pair of heels does wonders - I have a passion for high-heels, especially stilettos! Bring on the Christian Louboutin!

     Boudoir Session with Monica.