Sneak Peak - Erin & Lawrence

These were already posted onto Facebook but I wanted to repost them to the blog :)

The reception venue was Darvonda Nurseries - Lawrence Jansen, along with the family run this amazing spot. Those Pointsetta's you've seen over the holidays are from the local Langley Greenhouse.

Lawrence is a well known musician and he decided to play "Josh Groban's - You Raise Me up" for Erin

These were the take home - a latest in the Darvonda product, baby cucumbers!

Lawrence's Proud Parents Mr & Mrs. Jansen

Mental Blogging - Note to Self!

Remember that last blog post where I said I was going to update, and post new photos? Alright, so it got postponed. But ta dah! Here it is. I've got some down time while I wait//try and figure out why I'm having issues with the servers I'm using to upload galleries. If your waiting for Kerry & Andrew's January 2, 2011 Wedding Gallery - it should be up shortly!

In other news January has been a very busy month, and very exciting! I had the chance to photograph the first wedding of 2011 on January 2nd -- How cool is that? Bring in New Year's Day and then I get to photograph Kerry & Andrew's Wedding. 

We actually did their "Pre-Wedding" Photos on December 28th, we had some fun and went around downtown Victoria stopping off at various locations the couple had chosen. And the last stop was "Big Bad John's Pub" a small pub in downtown Victoria, well known for it's character.

The sun came out, the clouds parted and off I went to meet Kerry at the Laurell Inn in Victoria, BC. I'm being serious, the clouds really did part - it was a beautiful winter's day. Kerry & her sister had stayed up in the suite watching movies the night previous and were full of smiles when I saw them that afternoon. As always Kerry's make up looked simply stunning, and I adored her pink moccasin slippers she toated around the suite as she was getting ready. 

With much anticipation and after a few family photos we made our way to the ceremony at St. Michael's University School Chapel. It was my first time there and the ambiance was so movie like. Kerry and Andrew had a friend make jars with tea lights inside them with decorative ribbons that gave a warm glow to the inside of the chapel. It was five o'clock when the ceremony commenced - it was dark outside, and warm inside. The chapel was filled on both sides of friends and family.

Andrew stood charmingly at the end of the aisle awaiting Kerry as she made her way into the chapel and down the never-ending aisle (it was really long). After a lovely ceremony and following some family photos inside the chapel the reception was now underway at the Fernwood Inn. 

The Fernwood Inn was such a neat venue, it was my first time there and it fit so perfectly. It was like being first of all in Europe, in a small time- family pub/restaurant. It was still glittered up with christmas lights, and various christmas decor along with the tower of Candy Stand that the couple had made. The highlight was defiantely the cats ontop of the wedding cake.

Thank you both for letting me be apart of your day. I wish you both the best!

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