Alicia & Harry // Engagement Vancouver and Wedding Photographer New West Quay

Spending the evening with these two it was clear to see the energy between them. They met at church and slowly started developing something very special. Alicia is one beautiful fire cracker and Harry reminded me of the most charming gentlemen to his lovely fiancé. The way he talked about her is the way every girl dreams of their men talking about them. The way they spoke of how excited they are for their lives to start together after the wedding and all the adventures they will have as husband and wife and in the mean while preparing their home.

We spoke about all the little mundane things that as we get older and married we become so complacent with that are so exciting initially and forget to remember it's a luxury like simply going grocery shopping together, buying those first pieces of furniture, attending church, prayer together, dinners at the dinning table, buying sheets... I could go on and on. Those precious moments I still try to treasure in the midst of busy life.

One of my favourite things is how Verlon and I simply go and check the mail at night at our community box. It's our chance to walk up the street just him and I, no technology and for those brief 10 minutes I have him all to myself to just check in with. Without any distractions, no worries about making dinner, cleaning up and preparing for another day - just enjoying our walk. We actually just bought our first coffee table together (I had all the old furniture in the apartment, heyo Ikea! We've moved up to Crate and Barrel.... ooooh ahhh).

Alicia and Harry reminded me to keep being excited and not be consumed with the everyday. Young Love and excitement was in the air and ever so intoxicating!

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