Beautiful Nevada Sun! Kate & Christopher, Vancouver Wedding Photographer

If you've been following the blog/facebook page you would know that I was in Nevada  in February and had the opportunity to be apart of a shoot put on by Erin & Gavin Wade. Kate & Christopher, newly weds from the previous year rocked it out in front of our cameras like models. The amazing set design with the chandeliers, and trunks was provided by Gloria McCune of Grand Engagements and the flowers by Pixie Petals.

Everything came together beautifully for this late afternoon shoot. I'm not going to lie I'm totally jealous of Nevada/California sunshine that they had in... FEBRUARY! But finally we're getting there once our spring hits we'll be having out sunshine back here in the lower mainland.

Kate & Chris had passionate chemistry from the start. The way they would grab each other in a close embrace and whisper words to each other was evidence enough that this couple was truly, passionately in love. The bonus of having REAL couples participate in a shoot like this is the chemistry is already there. Your not bringing in models who don't have the history that a typical bride & groom would have. 

I'm really excited to share these with you all & definitely will be posting them to the new website... launch is coming soon! 

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Stylings and Design: Gloria McCune of Grand Engagements
Florals: Pixie Petals
Location: Jean Dry Lake Bed, Nevada