Happy Valentine's Day - BC Wedding Photographer

Here's to the days where we stay in bed longer than we should. The days where we cuddle on the couch under blankets watching movies without a care in the world. Walks in the park. Driving by neighbourhoods we'd like to live in. Picking our favourite houses and dreaming about back yard bbq's with friends and family. Drinking our favourite wine and being okay if I fall asleep early. Rubbing my back constantly and being fine if I whine wanting more 'back touchies'. Brining home flowers, just because. Being okay with eating comfort food with me on a 'bad' day. Not saying anything if I burst out in tears while watching movies... or disneyland commercials. Challenging me and my decisions or opinions -(( I still feel that towels belong hung up on the bathroom hooks, not on the door.)) Here's to all the many things our partners do for us, the little, the big and the in between! 

Hope you all enjoy your Valentine's Days big or small. Happy Valentine's Day. <3 div="">