Engagement Photo Guestbook: Vancouver Wedding Photographer

The talk of the professional photography town has been what to do when disks/usb bite the dust just like floppy drives did. If your photos are saved only onto a disk how will you access them and thus the huge encouragement towards getting a wedding album. There is definitely something to be said for flipping pages of a beautiful book or album the quality of having it right there in your lap. I highly encourage albums as a keepsake. 

But what about those engagement photos? That's where a great small book of your engagement photos can be used as a guest signing book. Keep the photos from your engagement along side precious words from friends and family. 

The guestbook below I designed for Nicole & Dave who were recently wed earlier this month. I'm really happy with the overall design and love that they incorporated stories into the book of how they met. Wall space for hanging up portraits does run out - but there's always coffee tables for albums and books.