Langley Family Photography // Lydia & Daryl + 3

When Lydia called me and told me she wanted to do anniversary/christmas photos I got excited. It's always fun photographing our good friends and watching their family grow. She told me she wanted to try photographing on a white background. I said "I don't know about this... what if it looks like Sears Portrait Studio?" and so we tried to make it as fun and untraditional as humanly possible. We photographed inside Darvonda (thanks Tamara & Byron!).  

We even had a 'snow' ball fight - oh the many props at the greenhouse such as packing foam. The kids loved it and my absolute favourite photograph was our last photo of the night (see bottom). 

Kids aren't meant to sit still and pose, they're meant to laugh and run, play and dance - so why would you opt for sit, still and pose photographs? Have some fun with your photographs, the more untraditional the better, so you can look back on your memories and smile whilst laughing. 1980's called they want their Cookie cutter photos with kakis back.