Abbotsford Wedding Photographer - Danielle & Stephen

They met during their high school History class as teenagers, it would have been more appropriate to meet in a chemistry class since they started dating soon after. After many drives in the valley while sipping their double doubles - Stephen took Danielle to Stanley Park and professed his love in a love letter. After reading the letter, he knelt to one knee by the ocean and asked Danielle to be his wife last year. This past week they tied the knot and I was so happy to be apart of their day.

Danielle is that girl you dream of meeting - relaxed and go with the flow. Her presence is intoxicating the way she glides around any setting poised and relaxed. Stephen is very similar and it is so evident that he only has eyes for Danielle. I loved photographing these two! Stephen is such a gentlemen and totally endearing to Danielle, the way he would touch her and give her sweet kisses throughout the day. Danielle is gorgeous and shines, inside and out. Both of them so considerate and caring of each other and everyone around them.

It was a beautiful day in Abbotsford and warm - it was a true August Wedding. Thank you weather for showing up! I have a special place in my heart for back yard weddings and love them. They're so incredibly personal and nothing compares to having your wedding in the same backyard you use to play 'house' in. Who would know that later when you would grow up you would marry your knight in shinning armour in your back yard. Here's to all the little girl's who use to play 'wedding' with towels on their heads for veils, and their teddy bear as their groom.


  1. LOVE all of the pictures! You did such an amazing job!! You are a wonderful photographer!

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