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Breanne & James

Verlon and I have this term we like to use and it's called "a marriage of intention" when referring to marriages that will last. Mind you we barely have 2 years under our belts so we're no guru's of unending marriages but like to think we ourselves have a marriage of intention. I know for a fact that Breanne & James do. The way they would express their profound love for each other as they talked about faith, conversations and conflict resolution within their relationship was so uplifting to just listen to. Couples like this get me so excited about marriage. We are in such a unique time in 2017 where couples are more aware than ever before about keys to building marriages that last. I'm so proud of these two and was incredibly honoured to be apart of their big day. 



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Oh and a Happy St. Patty's Day - Maybe another round! 


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