Langley Wedding Photographer & Engagement Photographer // Kent & Steph

Let's talk about amazing proposals. The kind you see on youtube and just start gushing over it because some lucky gal has one romantic prince charming. Kent pulled out all the stops when he decided he would propose to his lovely fiance Steph. I was grinning ear to ear when I read about your proposal when she emailed me.

Kent surprised Steph with an adventure to Mission Springs where they shared their first date. After dinner and billiards they set off to Mill Lake. Kent had mentioned that he had dropped off his canoe at Mill Lake earlier because friends were using it and it was time to go pick it up.

When they arrived at Mill Lake it was completely dark out. Kent convinced Steph to go for a quick paddle on the lake in the canoe. It was completely quiet and they were alone. Without dropping a beat, Kent rowed them to the dock. Lining either sides of the dock with candles the warm light brightened up the dark Lake. There was a little table at the end with champagne and flute glasses. Kent docked the canoe and pulled Steph out of the boat bringing her up onto the dock - where he went on bend and knee and asked "Will You Marry Me?".

Congratulations to Steph & Kent! So Excited for their 2014 Wedding!

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