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Personal: How we're spending the beginning of our off season - Krause Berry Farms & Pie

Now that we're easing into fall and our wedding season isn't quiet done yet (November) but we're easing into the off season. If you've read my previous blog posts you know that I am a giant fall fanatic. The colours, the trees, squashes, pumpkins - oh my! Our friends who have recently graced the pages of the blog (Steve & Tiffany - Engaged, Dayne & Shelley Wedd in Salmon in Arm) are our local family and had been telling us about Krause Berry Farms, Winery & Estate in Langley. We finally ventured to the farm on a mission to procure a pumpkin and enjoy waffles! We love local places like this farm and we're so very excited to spend the afternoon with our friends in search of the perfect pumpkins. It's so easy to forget to take time out to spend much needed quality time together. Did I mention waffles?

The past couple of weeks, our pace as slowed slightly and we're spending our nights reconnecting and recently baking! Yes, Ladies - Verlon not only takes beautiful photographs but also bakes! How did I ever luck out! One of the many plus' of having some pretty amazing future in-laws is the take home of an abundance of squashes, veggies and apples when we visit the ranch. It may have seemed fitting for the season to make a pumpkin pie but we had a whole box of apples from the ranch (yum, organic!) to use and I've heard the fables about Verlon baking - so I had to see it for myself. I've never baked a pie (I know, shameful right? - however I can make some pretty tasty Malasadas, Portuguese donuts). I feel like I'm slightly hopeless baking and incredibly impatient. I will sit in front of the oven with the light on - watching paint dry, hoping it will be done immediately so I can just eat it already! Verlon is carefully measuring everything and checking twice - all striving for perfection of the perfect pie. Meanwhile I was hesitating whether or not I should throw flour at him for fun. Kind of like the time I sprayed him with water from the kitchen sink... sorry love! What can I say I love play fighting with him, he takes it so much better than our cat.

Life is short and tomorrow is then - all you have is now. Take time. Slow it down. Don't push off your love ones for fear of not having time and the infinite to do list. I do this far too often - editing and working all hours of the day and night then cleaning up the house. But life is made up of precious time and moments shared with the ones we love and I want to make memories and live in those moments. The happiest times of my life - I've always taken so many photographs and find myself now reminiscing back to all the adventures we share. Someday, just like in the completely stereotypical way of picturing 'growing old together' - I can't wait to sip sweet tea on a porch with our friends reminiscing.

The saddles were in the tasting room - we all couldn't resist but to act as though we were riding broncos.

Our fantastic 'bar keep' who lead us on our tastings. Fruit wines are certainly different compared to grape wines. Very intriguing flavours especially if your preferences are grape wines. Still worth a taste and why not enjoy the experience somewhere local.

 Sky Helicopters was providing tours around the North Langley area near the Fraser River - I see a helicopter tour in our future!

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  1. Love Krause Berry .. great photos :)
    Also loved your last paragraph. So true! Slowing down and cherishing moments with loved ones is what counts!


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